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​Mt. Yoshino, home of mountain worship, Shugendo

The spirit of the mountain 
Mt. Yoshino, home of mountain worship, shugendo


Mt. Yoshino (吉野山) is located at the center of Nara Prefecture, and it is Japan's most famous sakura or cherry blossom spot.  Nowadays, it features over 30,000 cherry trees planted around the slopes which visitors can enjoy as they walk along the roads that lead up the mountain. These sakura trees have been planted and protected by people’s efforts as sacred trees, offered to this mountain.

As the base of the pilgrimage trail to the sacred Mount Omine (大峰山), Mt. Yoshino has been a center of “Shugendo”(修験道), Japanese ascetic practice and mountain worship.

In 2004, the whole of Mt. Yoshino, together with Mt Koya (高野山Koyasan) and Kumano (熊野), was registered as a cultural UNESCO World Heritage Site; "Sacred Sites and Pilgrimage Routes in the Kii Mountain Range".


Yoshino also has a rich history, which makes it an interesting destination at any time of the year. You can walk and visit various World Heritage sites including, Kinpusenji Temple and Yoshimizu Shrine, and Yoshino Mikumari Shrine.



-Kinpusenji Temple, Zaoudou

 This special temple is a symbol of Mt. Yoshino and is the center of Shugendo.

The main building, Zaoudou is the second biggest old wooden architecture after Todaiji Daibutsuden Hall in Nara.

Despite its location, in the and a World Heritage, as well as National Treasure.
It is 9m x 11m and 34m tall with a cypress bark roof.  Three Zaou Gongen statues are hidden statues, (National Cultural Important Properties) are placed. It is 7m tall.


-Yoshimizu Shrine 

This is a perfect place to find out the secret and important strategic and tragic role of Yoshino in the long history of Japan.  This place used to be a high-class monk's headquarters, before the Meiji period.  As a Shinto shrine, the main deity is Emperor Go-Daigo and is designated as an Important Cultural Property.  It is not a big shrine, but the displayed historical objects are surprisingly worthy!





* The transportation fees are not included in the tour price.  As we will be walking around the temples and shrines in mount Yoshino, please join the tour with comfortable shoes and clothing.



<One Day Course > 8  hours    ¥40,000 / person

2-3 people  ¥55,000  


For rates for additional people, please message me using the inquiry form below.  

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